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Monday, July 5, 2010

:: Innocent Witch - Melnah Martin ::

I haven't been able to take Pachel, my camera, to the field lately. He's been dormant for a couple of months now. I have lots of concepts but I usually lack one of the following: a good teacher, a good location, an available model (since I'd like to specialize in portrait photography), or a perfect timing (a sunny day has been scarce lately). Well, this is what I have to begin my wonderful July. Meet Melnah, I was introduced to her by one of my photog buddy Susan. Working with Melnah was great since her pose was so damn natural, mantan Unduk Ngadau bah!!


tpghom said...

Nice one...keep it up....

Chizu said...

thnx bro ;)

Genie Constance Alex said...

i wish i will have one chi... take my photos someday k. Mwahxx!

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